Invalid Data File/Invalid Unity Web File/Could not load plugin

This problem can occur if you have the wrong version of the Unity Web Player installed. To fix this, close everything/restart your computer and hit the "Uninstall" button on the launcher, then install the game again.

Black Screen when attempting to start the game

If you use a language other than English, this is probably a result of a Unity bug dealing with foreign languages. In this case, it can be resolved by changing your language on Windows to English, and having ONLY english characters in your computer username.

Help! My screen is spinning uncontrollably!

Oh no! This could be due to a controller being plugged in, or scaling issues on your computer. If you're on a laptop and don't have a controller, right click on your Desktop and hit "Display settings". From here, under "Scale and layout", change your scaling to 100% when playing the game.

Login screen/Authentication Connection Error

If you are brought to the Login screen upon launching the game, you may now simply login through there. It is intended to automatically log you in, but this doesn't work on all systems. This will be fixed in the near future.

Could not load all assets.

  • All connections busy - Your hard drive is full or doesn't have enough space for the game.

"Could not install all files" message on Launcher

If you receive this message while trying to install the game, try restarting your computer, then hitting the "Uninstall" button at the bottom left of your launcher, then try installing the game again.

I'm stuck and I keep losing connection after entering the game

If you get disconnected shortly after entering the game, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can look into it and fix it for you. Thank you!