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Ready to Race!

Ready to Race!

Infected Zone Racing and a whole lot more has been added to FusionFall Retro!


If you’re looking for something new and exciting, or maybe just feeling competitive, meet up with Special Alien Capture Team inside any Infected Zone to take on a brand new challenge! That’s right, Infected Zone Racing has been added to FusionFall Retro!

In Infected Zone races, the rules are simple -- the SACT need your help to clean up Fuse’s Infection, so it’s up to you to collect as many Fusion Pods as you can. Try to collect all of the Pods before time runs out; the faster you are, the higher your score! When you finish a race, you’ll be ranked against players from all over the world. You can view Daily, Weekly, and Monthly top scores, as well as the All Time Top 10.

Finishing a race rewards you with Fusion Matter, too! Level up and give your avatar a virtual workout at the same time! Did we mention that there’s also new gear? In fact, each Infected Zone has a unique set of items to earn! That’s over 30 new costumes to collect!

We’ve also introduced the in game E-Mail feature. That’s right, mail can now be sent between buddies! Players can even attach taros and up to four items along with the message. You can finally unload all the junk you don’t want on to your friends, even if they’re not online to trade!

FusionFall Retro is very close to moving on from Beta, and we’re pushing forward toward a full release! As always, thanks for your patience, we hope you enjoy the extra work we put in to make Infected Zone Racing in FusionFall Retro as awesome as possible!

For full details on everything included in this update, check out the patch notes.




The Easter EGGER has arrived with tons of fun, exclusive goodies!


Springtime is in the air, and with April comes fools and tricks. To note the occasion, all of the holosuits have turned to Jester outfits. Just as well, an Easter EGGER has wandered into Peach Creek Commons! The Easter EGGER sells two holiday-exclusive vehicles, alongside the Easter EGGs. These EGGs contain a bunch of really neat themed items, and several new exclusive items. Be careful of the Rotten Eggs though. Seriously, they smell really bad and they just clog your inventory!

For a full rundown on everything that’s new, check out the patch notes.


Whale Boy, Ahoy!

Whale Boy, Ahoy!

Come with me, we'll go and see, eight brand new missions! (Plus a bunch of other stuff!)


Ahoy! Flapjack needs your help, me hearties! Flapjack’s good friend, Bubbie, has come down with a serious case of the tummy troubles! A special aquatic operations division of the Kids Next Door, the SKWID Squad, has taken Bubbie into their care. (Did we mention that she’s a whale?) They’ve sent Flapjack into the wilds with a list of items he needs to obtain, and he could use some help! Be on the lookout, though, as Stickybeard is convinced something is amiss!

Did we mention there’s also brand new modes of transportation? Seek out Woosh, the alpha whale, for quick and easy travel between the coastal areas of the FusionFall world. Note that you must register at a Woosh location to use it, much like the SCAMPER system. Speaking of SCAMPERS, the route traveling between Forsaken Valley and Monkey Foothills has been retired. In its place, you can find the Kumari Serpent!

We’ve also heard reports of a new boss monster somewhere in the past zone! It’s mighty dangerous, but it drops some awesome nautical-themed rewards! There’s three brand new sets and five additional accessories worth of booty for you to collect.

For a full rundown on everything that’s new, check out the patch notes.

Safety Advisory!

Important Health & Safety Information!

Watch out for bugs when you're out and about!


Attention! This is a public service announcement from the Blood Gnat Exterminators. According to Exterminator Heartbreak’s recent report, Blood Gnats, a parasitic species of insect native to the northern Stormalong region, have been spotted in the area of the suburbs around Peach Creek and Candy Cove.

On top of that, our on-site scientist Doctor Estrangelove is currently working with a new patient, conducting research into the new field of blood gnat immunity. The subject in question is Johnny Bravo, who seems to be completely impervious to the blood sucking abilities of the insects. When you consider that on top of all of this, there’s also a large blue whale that has surfaced just off the coast, it’s no wonder we’ve got our hands full!

That’s why we’re looking for a few junior exterminators to help us clean up this mess. If you’re interested, speak with Exterminator Heartbreak on the southern shores of Candy Cove, down the river from Peach Creek Commons. In exchange for their efforts, junior exterminators will be rewarded with large sums of taros, fusion matter, and even a few exclusive items. Apply now!

Remember: If you or someone you know has heart-shaped objects floating above their heads, they are NOT in love, but instead playing host to a colony of blood gnats. Stay safe out there!

For a full rundown on the situation, we’d like to refer you to the FusionFall Retro patch notes.

Retro in 2019

Drac is Back & 2019 Plans!

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming this year!


Hey, everyone! For the first time ever, FusionFall Retro has received a substantial permanent content update with a batch of new missions that aren’t tied to a seasonal event! Dracula is now a permanent resident of Eternal Vistas!

For those of you who may have raised an eyebrow or two at this development, we’ve prepared an in-depth explanation detailing exactly how and why we’re choosing to add permanent content updates to FusionFall Retro, which you can read here.


For the rest of you, here’s a taste of what you can expect going forward as we continue to flesh out the world of FusionFall!

NPCs: We’re currently focusing on finding homes for many of the NPCs prominently featured in the original game’s Birthday Bash. The original development team had intended on fully implementing these characters in to the game, so expect some new faces to appear!

Missions: All of the new NPCs will come with missions, of course! One of our main goals with these content updates is to help fill out a very noticeable lack of missions that players encounter late-game.

Game Features: Infected Zone Racing is still on it’s way, don’t worry! We’re going to take the time to make sure it’s as good as it can be, and we’re also going to be including some very worthwhile rewards for high scoring runs! Just as well, Player-To-Player ingame E-Mail is also on the way!

Items: Flashy new items and faster vehicle classes are on the way!

Fusion Monsters: Fuse still has many more of his elite boss creatures that they plan to unleash across the world, and who knows what else they’re cooking up. Stay safe out there!

While this is just a small taste of what we’re currently working on, it should also be noted that there are a few things that are currently not planned to be added. This includes new nanos, the academy as a tutorial replacement, and the FusionFall Adventures, although depending on community feedback we could investigate these as well.

If you want specifics on what was added in this patch, check out our in-depth patch notes!

We hope you’re looking forward to FusionFall Retro in 2019!