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FFR Patch Notes

FusionFall Retro Patch Notes

We've released a minor update!


We’ve released a minor update that should help decrease the rate in which players experience the game totally freezing when trying to load certain assets. While it is still possible to encounter the issue under certain circumstances (especially on slower hardware), we plan to release further stability patches as part of our regular update schedule.

For the full details, as well as information on some bonus content included in this update, check out the patch notes here.

Bubbles' Art Club!

Bubbles' Art Club - Summer 2019

We're holding an art & writing contest!


Hey everyone, it’s Bubbles! Summer might be coming to an end, but there’s still time to squeeze in some fun in the sun! That’s why we’re holding an art / writing contest, with super duper cool prizes!

The theme for this contest is “Summer Fun in FusionFall!” You can submit an art piece or even a short story about summer! The people with winning submissions even get unique items! The winning artists will get the Artist Beret, and you awesome authors could win the Pencil Back!

If you’re interested, check out the full rules here. Good luck to everyone!

All New Code Items!

All New Code Items!

Redeem this code for the Active Mission Cap!


Redeem this special code for an exclusive item! FusionFall Retro has been playable for a whole year, and to celebrate we’ve released a brand new hat! Use the code “anniversaryhat” to unlock a special variant of the mission cap!

To redeem a code, simply open your inventory and click on the “redeem code” button. Then, you just need to type in the code you want to redeem! Please note that codes cannot contain spaces and are always stylized as one word.

This code will only be available for a short time, so get it before it’s too late!

You should always be on the lookout for more codes! You never know, they might be hiding in plain sight! Happy Birthday, FusionFall Retro!


Hot Rod Overhaul!

Kevin's Hot Rod Overhaul!

Kevin's Hot Rod Rentals has expanded!


Grab one of 60+ brand new vehicles, including some of the fastest rides in the galaxy! We’ve added a few brand new vehicles of our own design, including the Dynomutt Dasher, Time Cop Cruiser, and the Identified Flying Object! We’ve also brought back a ton of fan favorites from the original game. With adjusted prices and brand new DX vehicles, we guarantee you’ll find a ride that fits your style!

For the full details, check out the patch notes!


Out of the Omnitrix!

Out of the Omnitrix!

Ben's aliens have escaped and are ready to fight Fuse!


One of our main goals with FusionFall Retro is to restore much of the updates and content that was intended for release as part of the original game’s expansion plan, before it was put on hold indefinitely when development was moved in-house. The first phase of this plan includes a brand new storyline and a whole bunch of brand new NPCs, items and bosses!

In the aftermath of Dexter’s experiments with the Omnitrix, many of Ben’s alien forms have escaped and taken on personalities of their own! So far we’ve been able to spot AmpFibian, Spidermonkey, and a whole bunch of Echo Echoes out in the world. There have even been reports of Albedo sneaking around. He’s up to no good, no doubt!

With these new characters comes over 20 new missions, all new Fusion encounters, and even the return of the fan-favorite Mega Fusion Echo Echo, complete with a small preview of the Null Void! For the full rundown, including information on the awesome new holosuit, check out the patch notes.