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Steampunk Style!

Steampunk Style!

A suspicious time traveller has appeared in Sector V!


Clockwork gear is a bit of a staple to fans of FusionFall, and it’s back for anyone who travels to the past! It appears as though a suspicious time traveller has shown himself in Sector V (The Past) and is handing out Clockwork gear! You’ll find this odd fellow loitering around Hero Square for an extremely limited time.

Fans of this steampunk ensemble need to hurry, it looks like this guy is on the run from Time Squad officials. He won’t be sticking around for long!


UPDATE: As of 10/4/2018, the Suspicious Time Traveller is no longer in Sector V, and the Clockwork set of items can not be re-obtained. Make sure you hold on to those items if you want them!

To the Past!

To the Past!

The long awaited release of the Past Zone is finally here!


We'll be keeping this news post short and sweet. Take a look at this!

For a full rundown of this update, as well as a list of known issues, be sure to check the patch notes on the forums.

Time Squad Event

Temporal Contraband Information!

Greetings, citizens! We have an exciting opportunity for the people of your time period!


This is the Time Squad. We’ve got some important information regarding some of the temporal contraband we have acquired over the years. Our division has been tasked with the duty of disposing of these items in the time period you refer to as “The Future”.

That said, assuming you’re all able to keep this on the down low, we see no harm in distributing these items directly to you instead of throwing them off a cliff or something. If you’re interested in performing your civic duty to help keep the time stream clean, seek us out!

For information how you can find us, stay tuned to the FusionFall Universe Twitter! We’ll post exact details on when/where to find us there. We’ll be doing this over the next few weeks, so don’t fret if you can’t make it to every location!

We’ll also be periodically roaming around the future zone unannounced, so if you see a member of Time Squad, stop and say hello to snag yourself an item! The items we’re giving out will change on the regular, so don’t be shy!

Time Squad: Enforcing the past to protect the future!

More Missions!

10 new missions have been added!

Samurai Jack and Mandark have relocated, and they've got new missions for you!

Some time in 2009, the original FusionFall Developers removed a large number of missions from the game’s future zone. We’ve added just about all of them back in to the game!

To go along with this change, a few characters have moved. You can now find Mandark behind Dexter’s old house in Genius Grove (The Future), and you can now find Samurai Jack near the Goat’s Junkyard (The Future) Infected Zone warp gate. If you want the best experience, we’d recommend running through the future zone again with a fresh character, maybe even in a group with your friends!

For a full rundown and a list of known issues, be sure to check the patch notes on the forums.


Social Features!

More Social Features have been added!

Add buddies, create groups, and trade your favorite items!


Buddies, groups, and trading are live right now! You can now go ingame and add your friends to your buddy list. Chat it up in the buddy chat window or hang out in person by buddy warping. Then, group up and accomplish tasks for your favorite characters, or take down some of Fuse’s toughest foes.

Didn’t get what you wanted? Maybe one of your friends did! You can trade with your friends in order to create your ultimate collection. Having friends never felt so good.

For a full rundown and a list of known issues, be sure to check the patch notes on the forums.