Let it be known to the world that we, the Fusionfall Universe team, do not represent Cartoon Network in any shape or form. FusionFall Retro was created using publicly available downloads and information made freely available to the general public.

FusionFall Retro Development Team


Programming: Womayhem
Additional Programming: Joshsora

Research and Development

QA & Manual Labor: Devan Baker
QA & Manual Labor: Dogon McBanana
QA & Manual Labor: Przzyfied
QA & Manual Labor: Zenpock

Web Development

Web Design: TechTheNoob
Web Design And Database: Womayhem

Community Management

Community Manager: Matt "MattWaves"
Community Manager: Becca Morandi "MoriBee"
Social Media Expert: Brendan Przywara "Przzyfied"

Additional Credits

Community Team

Jordan Thomas "JordanT"
"Sen Wildchester"
Vox "12"
Raymond Royer
Ken "Keno"
Jasiah "GKid89"
Dustin "Dtrix"
Louis "Bezco"
Steven "StevieB219"
Elisabeth "Minnie"
"Paid Actor" Keidrich
Michael "L0rd"
Laura Lorenz
Lane Weed
Jason "Kaise"
Katrina "Kemasc"

Special Thanks



Please note that we intend to add a full list of the original team that worked on FusionFall in the near future.