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Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance

Stay tuned, we'll be back soon!


Attention! FusionFall Retro will be temporarily offline for us to perform some extended maintenance, which we expect to take a few days.

There's no exact ETA on when the maintenance period will be over, but we'll update you right here, as well as through our social media channels, when we're ready to come back online. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!

Thanks for playing the FusionFall Retro Beta thus far. We're working hard to bring you an even better FusionFall experience!

UPDATE: As of 12/20/2018, the extended maintenance is over! Sorry for the wait!



Lord Fuse's Elite Troops!


Lord Fuse has created a new set of elite monsters to do his bidding. Watch out!

Halloween may be over, but things just got a whole lot scarier! We’ve received reports that Lord Fuse has begun to create a series of strong boss monsters in an effort to speed up the destruction of our planet.

The first of these new invaders is Rage Roadkiller, a souped up rubber burning metalhead tearing up the streets. Reports from the front lines have been inconclusive in pinning down the location of Rage Roadkiller, (he keeps running over our scouts!) so it’ll be up to you to find out where he’s terrorizing. Should you take him down, you’ll be rewarded with some brand new items!

So far there have been no sightings of the other new boss monsters, but we’re sure they’ll be showing up later one by one to ensure the Past Zone is sufficiently terrorized.

Good luck out there!

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat!

Night has fallen on the FusionFall world...


Eternal darkness has spread across the FusionFall world, and Dracula has decided to once again show up and make some moolah! Dracula can be found at the gazebo park in “Spooky” Oaks South (The Past) selling Pumpkin CRATEs for a premium price. If you’re not willing to pay the fee, you can adventure out and find some Pumpkin CRATEs of your own! Defeating monsters close to or higher than your own level will cause the new CRATES to drop occasionally, containing a whole lot of Halloween themed items!

Speaking of eternal darkness, Fred Fredburger has also come out of the woodwork and joined Dracula at the gazebo park. We’re not sure what he did, but this whole spooky thing seems to be his fault. Either way, enjoy his presence through the Halloween season. It seems some other friendly folks have also joined these two at the park for convenience! You’ll find the third Jerry Morbucks triplet banking near Fred Fredburger, a Nano Station across the other side of the park, an additional Holosuit vendor, and a power shopkeeper.

Keep in mind, Dracula only feels obligated to come out because of the eternal darkness and eerie new music, so he’ll be headed home after Halloween, and the Pumpkin CRATES are going with him. Get the items while you can!


For the full details, check out the patch notes.

UPDATE: As of 11/4/2018, the Halloween event is over!