Q: How do I get access to the game?

A: Game access has not begun just yet! In the upcoming months, we will start a closed beta period. What this means is that you will be randomly selected to play. You will receive a email if you are able to play, and the Play button on the left hand corner will light up for you. Closed beta will last for a couple days, then we will enter our open beta stage, which will allow all players to have access!

Q: What browser should I use for FusionFall Retro?

A: We recommend that you use the Firefox browser for FusionFall Retro, although any browser that supports unity web player will work. In the future, we will have client support for when all browsers drop unity plugin support.

Q: I think I have access, how do I know?

A: If you are selected, you will recieve a email. So keep on the lookout for an email if you're selected!

Q: Can I livestream, record, take screenshots etc. during the closed beta period?

A: Yes you can! You are very much allowed to post video and images of FusionFall Retro. We would like to request that you make sure you mention in the video title that the server is still in development, however this is not a requirement.

Q: What version of the WebPlayer am I supposed to use?

A: FusionFall uses a unique version of Unity Web Player. When you start the game for the first time, you will be prompted to download it. If you are getting the "failed to update Unity" error or have a newer version of the web player already installed, please install the version of Unity web player linked when you attempt to start the game.

Q: Will Retro have as many exploits and hacks as the original?

A: No way! We're doing everything we can to make sure that players cannot exploit / cheat in FusionFall Retro. This includes server-side checks to prevent exploits such as speed and jump hacking, taros (currency) hacking, and item hacking.

Q: When will the game be available for everyone to play?

A: As soon as we feel the game is stable enough for everyone and their brother to hop on, we'll release it in open beta. We're working our butts off to get everything ready ASAP. Refer to the above questions for our release timeline.