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Two more Devblogs!

Two Devblogs!

We just posted two new development blogs over on our forums! We go over editing the client as well as a quick croc pot showcase!

The Croc Pot Catering Company is once again open for business! You can check it out here!

Thanks to some recent breakthroughs, we can now edit the client! You can see an example of what we're planning to do with that over here!


Testing Information!

FusionFall Retro News Update!

We're back with a quick update! In this post, we go over our updated plans for testing and release!

Hey, everyone! We've posted an in-depth update post about FusionFall Retro over on the forums! We go over our updated plans for testing and release! Read it here.



Corruption Eruption

Monsters, Attack!

We've recently implemented eruption and corruption attacks for monsters. Check it out!

Fuse's forces have received a massive buff! Without eruption and corruption attacks, monsters weren't too much of a challenge. Now they're all kinds of dangerous. We've written up a brand new devblog about it which you can read right here!


Two new Devblogs!

Double Devblogs!

Lots of news was dropped in our most recent FusionFall Universe livestream! On top of that, we've got a brand new devblog for you!

We hosted a Retro livestream! We showed off a ton of cool stuff we’ve been working on recently. We also got some concrete testing details and a release timeframe! Check out the detailed recap here!

We’ve also got a quick development update showing off recent progress for player groups! Check it out right here!

The Big City Slider

Sliders are a go!

We've been hard at work preparing the game's transportation. This time we'll be detailing the Slider system!

Much like Mojo’s Skyway system, we had to manually reconfigure and set up the bus system that stretches from the suburbs to downtown.

While the two may be similar, you can check out the forum post HERE to see how we did it!