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Multiplayer News!

We've got news on multiplayer features!

We've got some more detailed info on upcoming FusionFall Retro features!

Hey everyone! We just posted a development blog on our forums featuring some more detailed information on the Future Zone release!


You can click here to read the devblog!

Updates & Test NOW!

We've got updates, and you can help test!

We're so happy to announce our target release date for FusionFall Retro!

During the evening of August 1st 2017, we ran into an issue that caused our Database Library to break, leaving us unable to implement the key features needed for a full release of FusionFall Retro. While this may seem like a major setback, we’re only expecting resolving the issue to take a week or two.

After we discovered this, we quickly shifted gears in order to ensure that you, the FusionFall Universe community, were still able to get a dose of FusionFall Retro within the time frame we promised. Introducing: The FusionFall Retro - Early Access Client!

Please note that this build is highly experimental!

This build is not guaranteed to work on your computer and the servers will not always be available for use.  You may also need minor computer skills to get it up and running! For detailed information on troubleshooting, please visit our forum thread for details.

Please note that it is our intention to make running the game much simpler for the full release.


FusionFall Retro Experimental Early Access Information

For our initial Retro launch, we were unable to make our mark of releasing our goal as a result of a library issue with our database, and for that, we are truly sorry. We intend to squash this bug within a week or two and get you guys into the Future! That said, we're able offer a unique experience through the FusionFall Retro Early Access sneak peak. This is a custom of Retro with the tutorial section of the game fully operational!


Here are some important things to note:

1. In order to install and run the Early Access experience, you must have a version of Windows. Any version below 7 is currently untested.

2. When installing, we recommend making sure any anti-virus or malware software is disabled to ensure that the client installs correctly.

3. Run the installer in administrator mode. You can do this by right clicking the file and selecting “Run as Administrator”

4. Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft's .NET Framework installed.

5. If you're missing VCRUNTIME140.dll, having Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed could potentially solve the issue.

6. Before you log in, make sure you have a FusionFall Universe account. You’ll use your website password to enter the game. You should also ensure the Servers are up. You can check the status via this thread.

7. Track pads (commonly found on laptops) are currently not supported.

8. If you have an issue with your camera spinning in circles, try unplugging or disconnecting controllers or any other input devices.

Please note that all of these requirements will be simplified before the full release, for an easier playing experience for everyone. This build is intended to help us test.

This build lets you play from Character Creation up through the end of the tutorial, which is signified by a black screen. (If your mouse gets locked on this screen, press the enter key to unlock it. From there, you can close the game window.) Players can not go any further than this at the current time. Character data is also not saved at this time. That said, you’re free to run through as many times as you want!

This build is experimental. You can expect crashing, bugs, and more to be present when using the Early Access build.


Please keep all troubleshooting and bug reports limited to this thread! We’ll be trying our best to see what works and what doesn’t, and keeping it all here helps us out a ton!

We appreciate everyone’s patience in with Retro’s release. It’s been a bumpy ride, but we’re very close to delivering the full Retro experience! Stay tuned for more info!

We urge you to read the full post before downloading!

We are currently having connectivity issues, and we'll be working on correcting them throughout the day! Please be patient!

Release Date!

We've got a release date!

We're so happy to announce our target release date for FusionFall Retro!

We've posted a teaser video that reveals our date for initial release of the game!

We'll post more information in the future regarding access and features. Thank you for being patient!

As usual, you can click here to check it out!


Web Player Update

Web Player Update!

We've created a client to run FusionFall Retro. You can read all about it in our latest devblog!

FusionFall Retro now uses it's own client to run the game!

This devblog details some of the behind the scenes work going into making the FusionFall Universe client. Click here to check it out!


Status Update

Status Update!

We're back with another status update regarding FusionFall Retro's development moving forward!

We've posted a devblog all about where we are in FusionFall Retro's development and what you can expect when you hop into the game!

As usual, you can click here to check it out!